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Looking For A Stats Or Econ Course Pack?

Your Course Pack Will Include:

  • A detailed review of every single topic on your exam.
  • Concepts explained in laymen terms: the way I would explain them to you during 1-on-1 tutoring.
  • Examples to illustrate each concept - so that you can actually see how they are applied.
  • Past exam questions with step-by-step solutions* - steps you can follow when writing your exam.
  • Several pictures of cute animals.

You Will Notice These Benefits:

  • A great deal of time saved - all you will need for studying is your 100-150 page course pack!
  • More efficient studying - you will know exactly what to study and won't waste time learning concepts that won't be tested.
  • A sense of relief in seeing the underlying simplicity of seemingly difficult or complex topics.
  • Feelings of communion with the entire animal kingdom

You'll Never Have To Wonder:

  • Which topics you need and do not need to study
  • Whether your or your friends' notes are accurate or comprehensive
  • How in God's name you are supposed to understand WTF your prof is saying
  • How much wood a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.


Purchasing our study guides has been shown to result in:

Improved Physical Health
A quick glance at one of our study guides provides an immediate boost to the immune system and protects against heart disease. After studying a single chapter, students often report increased energy and a sense of reinvigoration. Reading through an entire Sleeping Polar Bear course pack has been linked to lower blood pressure, a reduction in body-fat percentage, and immortality.
Reduced Anxiety and Depression
The use of our study guides causes enhanced production of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters associated with positive mood and healthy brain function. An evening at the library with one of our products will often trigger new insights, profound personality change, and transcendent spiritual experiences. The "new you" is waiting just around the corner!
A Better Relationship With Your Mother
The holy grail. What more could one ask for?

Unfortunately I often get angry messages from customers...