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Looking For A Stats Or Econ Course Pack?

Your Course Pack Will Include:

  • A detailed review of every single topic on your exam.
  • Concepts explained in laymen terms: the way I would explain them to you during 1-on-1 tutoring.
  • Examples to illustrate each concept – so that you can actually see how they are applied.
  • Past exam questions with step-by-step solutions* – steps you can follow when writing your exam.
  • Several pictures of cute animals.

You Will Notice These Benefits:

  • A great deal of time saved – all you will need for studying is your 100-150 page course pack!
  • More efficient studying – you will know exactly what to study and won’t waste time learning concepts that won’t be tested.
  • A sense of relief in seeing the underlying simplicity of seemingly difficult or complex topics.
  • Feelings of communion with the entire animal kingdom

You'll Never Have To Wonder:

  • Which topics you need and do not need to study
  • Whether your or your friends’ notes are accurate or comprehensive
  • How in God’s name you are supposed to understand WTF your prof is saying
  • How much wood a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.



Purchasing our study guides has been shown to result in:

Improved Physical Health

A quick glance at one of our study guides provides an immediate boost to the immune system and protects against heart disease. After studying a single chapter, students often report increased energy and a sense of reinvigoration. Reading through an entire Sleeping Polar Bear course pack has been linked to lower blood pressure, a reduction in body-fat percentage, and immortality.

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

The use of our study guides causes enhanced production of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters associated with positive mood and healthy brain function. An evening at the library with one of our products will often trigger new insights, profound personality change, and transcendent spiritual experiences. The "new you" is waiting just around the corner!

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Here's What The Critics Are Saying

I was lost. With hundreds of people in the class, it was unreasonable to expect the prof to answer all my little questions. Sometimes I considered just buying the textbook and following that. But one look at the textbook and it was clear that it would be even more work because I’d have to filter through all the garbage that won’t be tested. If only there were a one-stop resource that I could rely on that was tailored to my class, was prepared by someone who was sitting exactly where I was, and knew what to expect. It’d be even better if this person had also tutored students for this class and had written a handbook that tells you exactly what you need to know and walks you through it in plain english with plenty of examples including past exams and detailed solutions. That way, I wouldn’t need to look anywhere else, and I wouldn’t need to go to office hours every week and feel stupid for asking obvious questions. I was scouring the internet and looking for resources to help me catch up. Then I met Anthony (Kokin), and everything changed. I asked him a bunch of questions about his course pack, looked at a sample, and pressed purchase. I quickly skimmed through the guide, and in one day I learned more than I had all semester. It was obvious he knew what he was talking about. If there’s one person who can get you an A while cutting your study time in half, it’s him. If there’s one more thing I can say, it would be: buy it early. The earlier you start familiarizing yourself with the guide (before it’s cram-time), the more you’ll get out of it. It’s super comprehensive – I had an appointment one day and needed to miss class. When I asked my friend what I missed, I realized that everything the professor did that day was covered in a few pages of the course pack. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go to class. In fact, the course pack helped me get MORE out of class – all of a sudden the professor was making sense – because I looked at the course pack the night before.

Mo Akif U1, Economics Major

The Math 203 course pack has been extremely helpful! I don’t think there is anything that needs to be added to it. It is very clear on explaining concepts and providing enough examples.

Elana Fishbaine U1, Environmental Studies Major

The course packs that Anthony created were very concise and helpful towards studying for both of the final exams. Could not have done it without them!

Bianca Vellone U2, Economics Major

Sleeping polar Bear Econ 227 notes really help me clearly understand the topics. The course seems abstract in all the books but these notes really structured everything and helped me remember the material in a much better manner.

Gayaatri Bhardwaj U1, Economics Major

I found Anthony’s course packs and crash courses incredibly helpful because he concisely and clearly explains everything you need to know. Whether you know the information and have been to class or not, Anthony’s resources put all you need to know in one place and make for a great study tool.

Noor Khleif U1, Majors in Industrial Relations & Computer Science

I found the material throughout the year progress in difficulty and It got a lot harder to follow what was happening in class. Anthony’s course pack was extremely helpful because he explained everything in simple detail and it was great to have everything you need to know in one document. If you’re cramming for the final or just don’t understand this is definitely a great thing to have!

Cindy Song U1, Economics Major

I found the course pack to be extremely helpful. When trying to organize my own notes for this course it can be tricky because it is not very organized, this helped me know what I actually need to know for the exam. I also found that the review questions are really helpful to practice with. I would definitely recommend to people.

Maya Danylyszyn U1, Economics Major

Honestly, would not have understood a thing without the course pack. I bought both semesters and used them a lot. Definitely worth the money.

Alex Pantis U1, Majors in Economics & Political Science

I found that the course pack was extremely helpful condensing the material into a reasonably short booklet while still going extremely in depth in all topics covered throughout the semester. I feel as though it could be an substitute for lectures this year as it teaches everything in a fool-proof manner. 10/10 would recommend to others as it provides clarification that is not necessarily covered in class.

Kade Wist U1, Economics Major

Hey Anthony, Just wanted to say thanks for creating such a useful course pack. I was able to make a pretty flawless crib sheet which led me to ace the final. I also appreciate you answering my questions once I had already purchased the course pack. It proved very valuable to understanding all the nuances of KMack’s questions.

Chris Diehl U2, Majors in Economics & Psychology

The Econ 227 course packs really helped, they were clear and organized and explained the course material in a way that lecture notes couldn’t. I recommend it 100% whether you go to lectures or not. Great preparation for the exam.

Omar Arafeh U2, Majors in Economics & Political Science

I joined Econ227 late into the fall semester (about halfway through), so I needed some good notes for the classes I missed. I ended up buying the course pack and it made everything a breeze. I had no prior knowledge about the content and the course pack considers that, everything was clear and explained everything in detail. There are a bunch of practice questions that are very much similar to what the prof gives out and really help drill the information into your head. I ended up buying the course pack for the next semester as well and I can really say these course packs saved me a lot of time, energy and most importantly they saved my grade.

Kareem Hachem U1, Economics Major

The Math 203 course pack I bought has helped me achieve a high A in the course thus far. It has helped me greatly in completing my assignments and studying for my exams. I would highly recommend purchasing this course pack for anyone who is looking to get an A in statistics!

Emma Peckham U0, English Major

Kokin’s course pack made it easy to get an A. Not only was it comprehensive, it also provided ample practice problems and solutions. There is nobody else that I would turn to in order to get An in ECON 227. The material is up to date and accurate and Kokin will send corrections if anything isn’t. Bottom line: there isn’t an easier way to get an A than to use Kokin’s course pack.

Jack Pantalena U1, Economics Major

The course packs laid out in the clearest possible way the exact methods and topics of every type of question we had learned through the year. I bought both Fall and Winter semester course packs, which helped me be more confident in my stats ability as well as enabling me to practice the questions to perfection with the Topic review questions and the very clear answers. I would recommend this course pack to everyone doing the course.

Charles Edwards U1, Economics Major

The course pack was incredibly helpful and I recommend it to everyone taking ECON 227. The course pack is well organized and simple, while being comprehensive; it also has sample problems as well. It would be very possible to not attend class at all, and study off the guide, and then do very well on the final.

Ashton Mathias U1, Majors in Economics & Political Science

Anthony’s Sleeping Polar Bear Course Pack for Econ 227 was the sole reason I was able to pass the class. I decided to buy the pack for first semester after skipping a few too many classes but, to my surprise, it proved much more useful than I could have imagined.. Next semester I decided to completely abandon going to class, option just to use the Course Pack. I’d recommend the pack to anyone doing Econ 227, either for extra practice and tips, or to learn all the course material.

Declan Embury U1, Majors in Economics & North American Studies

Hi, my name is Claire and I am an Honours in IDS student taking Econ 227. As a student who does not take courses involving math very frequently, I was nervous to take Econ227D1/D2. However, Anthony’s course pack makes this course a breeze. It is so detailed yet straightforward and can help make this course an easy A! I recommend getting it at the start of the course and using it along side the lectures to help solidify material in class! 10/10 would recommend! Thanks Anthony!


Claire Teichman U1, Honours International Development Studies